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Our sea freight rates

International transport with Keimelmayr: Our sea freight rates

Sea freight transport opens up an international perspective in logistics. With our high-quality sea freight services, we support our customers in the timely, flexible and reliable handling of international logistics projects – our promise is as good as a contract. No matter whether you want to ship a small or a large transport volume, our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the rates you can expect for our sea freight services. Many factors play a role here. For example, the transport volumes you are looking to entrust us with or the frequency with which you you will be shipping sea freight cargoes. It also depends where your cargo needs to be shipped to, how quickly it needs to arrive at its destination and, last but not least, what you want to ship as part of your transport project. Unfortunately, we cannot give you a simple answer here.

Sea freight rates: It depends.

If you are interested in the rates for our sea freight services, our competent and friendly sea freight experts will be happy to assist you. We will advise you on freight options and price components and thus find the optimum solution for your transport requirements, regardless of whether you require break bulk or general cargo. But there is one thing we can assure you of right now: when you commission Keimelmayr you are making a good decision: As a logistics service provider, we can look back on around 40 years of experience in transport – experience that translates directly to benefits for you!

Our independence of any company group also enables us to act particularly quickly and flexibly, anticipating challenges and problems before they even arise. In addition, consulting and support services in the area of customs clearance and payment transactions, in particular by letter of credit, are also a self-evident part of our service portfolio. These are all points on which our experts in the field of sea freight forwarding will be happy to advise you.


Your request for quotation: Sea freight rates with Keimelmayr

Would you like to make use of our sea freight services, are you interesting in learning more about our rates, would you like to request a quotation or do you have any other questions? Our expert contacts are happy to help you.

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