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From A to B, You Need Expertise from A to Z

We define transport as a process in which goods are taken from one place to another via specific means. It might sound simple, but in practice this can be an extremely complex matter.

The big question is, how to resolve such complexity? Keimelmayr adopts an efficient approach to ensure successful FTL, LTL and special transports.

Precise transport planning

  • For us, transport planning starts with individual advice and precise costing, and ends with follow-up tasks such as pallet exchange, freight document handover and so on. In the process, dispatchers with a knowledge of the relevant language and country plan the ideal route from A to B for every load.

All transports streamed live

  • We manage and oversee the operation of all vehicles in real time with sophisticated fleet management. Intelligent navigation not only enables vehicle localisation at any time, it also enables us to update orders on the move.

Proactive monitoring

  • Our dispatchers oversee every transport via GPS, check current positions two or three times a day and remain in constant contact with drivers. In this we way smooth out any niggles before they can become problems.

Practical options

  • Transports with fixed delivery dates (with active status reports) and an emergency hotline for round-the-clock communication with the relevant dispatchers are two additional options we are pleased to offer on request.