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Don’t worry logistics

At Keimelmayr, we transport and store all kinds of goods. To this end, we adhere to a number of non-negotiable principles. They include typical Austrian principles, many of which are not really new.

But more topical and important than ever. Provided they are interpreted in a modern way, as Keimelmayr has been doing for many years.

  • Maximum consulting intensity and flexible problem-solving skills combined with intensive personal contact
  • Reputability and reliability where a handshake seals the deal
  • Focus on long-term customer relationships
  • First-class service quality at market prices
  • Fast response due to short decision paths
  • Great efficiency through consistent optimisation of all processes
  • Supporting our customers from the niche (bespoke solutions) to the area of conventional logistics services
  • International mind set and actions
  • Fair relationship with all stakeholders

Always well received.

Group-independent, flexible and fast

Because we do not belong to a company group, we enjoy the freedom to adapt our way of working flexibly to the needs of our customers. For example, you only very rarely hear a “No, that is not possible” from Keimelmayr. If at all. We also do not have endless waits in voice mail loops that are obligatory elsewhere. Every customer has their own line to the specialist planner of their choice. It couldn’t be more direct and faster!